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Album Numero Uno. Originally released in Canada on Halloween 2006, then re-issued by End of the Road Records in UK/EU in 2008.

1. Home as a Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always and Forever
2. Chorus of Wolves
3. The Alison Yip School For Girls
4. Ms. Stacey Watson, Stepney Green
5. A Sad Country Ballad For a Tired Superhero
6. A Hymn For 2 Walks in Different Cities
7. Feedbags
8. If Only I Were a Painter, I'd Paint For You the Moon
9. Take the Hint Kid
10. Death By Ninja (A Love Song)
11. Jonathan Ashworth Rollercoaster
12. Songbook / The Sound of Us Playing Together
13. A Slight Return Home
14. That Was Good But You Can Do Better / Closing Credits