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BALLADEER / to all the guys i've loved before

20.00 - On Sale

Designed by Jeff Kulak, this limited edition package includes a beautiful LP pressed on 180 gram mint green vinyl, and includes a download card of high quality MP3s of the 12 track album. Produced by Steve Albini, Howard Bilerman and Husky Hoskulds, BALLADEER also features a duet with Beth Jeans Houghton.

  1. I Am Your Balladeer
  2. Invisible Friend
  3. An Entanglement of Weeds
  4. Lazy Lazer
  5. Music Belongs to Those Who Make It
  6. The Music Swells and the Credits Roll
  7. So Hold
  8. Featherstone
  9. Sir Daniel, Painter of Empty Landscapes
  10. Howling Red Deer
  11. Blades
  12. Beth Jeans Sleepover

Released: September 28, 2010

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